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Is Your Work Success Causing You Fitness & Health Distress?

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When it comes to your job, career or business, you may be ‘hitting’ all the right moves…

You may be sealing the deals, smashing the targets and be seen as the ‘golden girl or boy’ in your specific field or industry…

And as a result of your amazingness you may very well be stacking up the promotions, building your business at a rapid rate or seeing your salary shoot upwards.

It’s all wonderful – right!?

Maybe – BUT…

Are you taking care of the ‘vehicle’ that is taking you to all these great places?

Are you keeping that ‘lifelong automobile’ well oiled, serviced and running at its most efficient?

Unfortunately, most of the busy professionals and business people I meet would have to answer a very big resounding NO to such questions!

Last week I had the privilege of meeting up with a very successful business owner, and after our official duties where done we had a really honest and insightful chat about his career, progression and overall lifestyle changes.

Here’s the main stand-out of what he told me…

“The business is going great Ian, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to reap the rewards of what I’ve built. I used to be in great shape when I was doing manual work in my younger years, but I’d now struggle to run down the street! It’s meetings with cakes and biscuits, wine and dine after work – my mind is in constant use, but my body is basically redundant in the role I have in my company. I’m 51 years of age and have type 2 diabetes and feel like crap most days!”


You know it doesn’t have to be this way – don’t you?

All to often we make the wrong things a priority, yet won’t assign any time, money or effort in the areas which will ALWAYS pay the highest dividends for ourselves and those around us.

Right – that’s my rant over – now let’s look at why business success often brings about poor fitness/unwanted weight gain, and let’s start putting this travesty right!


When we ‘eat out’ it’s a proven fact that on average we consume more calories than when eating at home.

And guess what…the more successful you become in your career or business, the more meetings, lunch and dinner invites you will get!

“Why shouldn’t I have that bottle of wine? – I’m the boss!”

“Why shouldn’t I have that juicy fillet steak with peppercorn sauce? – I’m smashing this job!”

You may have a point – but, over-time, you will start to have a larger amount of body fat if you don’t account for these extra calories!


As careers progress they often become less manual and more sedentary – which is great, yeh?

Well sitting down all day might seem ideal when you’ve spent years ‘running around on the shop-floor’, but your metabolism won’t be celebrating with you!

On average you expect to burn an extra 40-60 calories per day from standing up to sitting down.

Whilst this might not sound a lot, multiple it for a month or year, and the weight gain will certainly stack up!


As we climb the career ladder ‘staying late’ becomes the norm rather than the exception.

You may have the post work gym session thought, but it’s not a priority when you have that report to finish or that customer you need to call.

Eventually, over time, that workout thought disappears until it isn’t even an option.

Work is what pays the bills, what keeps you fed and what keeps that expensive Fitness Tracker on your wrist that makes you feel fitter without actually doing anything!

There are many easy ways which you can add POUNDS to your bank account without adding POUNDS to body!

  • Keep to a calorie controlled eating schedule each week. By keeping in a regular daily calorie deficit you will avoid the unwanted weight gain associated with career progression. And if you do over-step the calorie mark on certain days don’t wave the white flag! Simply put it right the next day with a large calorie deficit which will balance out the over-indulgence of the previous day.
  • Stay well hydrated each and every day. By drinking 2.5-5 litres of water each day you will lubricate your body, reduce the likeliness of over-eating and give your body an essential ingredient it needs!
  • Be active EVERY day. That doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym each day, but it does mean you should be actively looking to be active in all you do. Take the stairs instead of the lift, park your car at the far end of the car park, do an office workout or go for a walk at lunch. Just like the small negatives add up to big problems over time, the small positives add up to big successes over time!
  • Plan it in and stick to it! If you say you are going to the gym after work make it an appointment rather than an option! Once we see it as none negotiable it will not be missed!

Guest blog by Ian Worthington from GymWolfPT

If you are a busy professional person who’s seen the result of your success bring unwanted body fat and general poor health and fitness, please feel free to get in touch with the GymWolfPT Team.

Ian specialises in helping and guiding successful people become healthier, more efficient/productive and have extra energy.

He coach both ‘in person’ and online fitness programs which are tailored perfectly to even the busiest and time challenged business people.

Contact me today at

Ian David Worthington | GymWolfPT

The Big PNE Sleepout

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Friday 15th November saw a team of us from Cotton Court take part in the Big PNE Sleepout. The event was organised by Preston North End in the Community, Blog Preston and BIFFA who have joined with The Foxton Centre – a Preston based charity celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019.

Whilst we had time to prepare for this challenge, it wasn’t what we had expected and was much tougher than we initially thought.

We joined around 300 others who were also taking part, in the concourse at the stadium where we were handed a piece of cardboard that would act as our ‘bed’ for the night.


At first, it seems almost exciting to be able to take part in something that you wouldn’t usually find yourself doing. However, as the night goes on this challenge becomes exactly that and it is a hard one. The home comforts that we regularly take for granted like a comfy pillow and a nice mattress are missed. You may feel tired but to find that position that you are comfortable enough to sleep in without the luxuries that we are accustomed to is very difficult. The neck aches and back aches begin and it makes it somewhat impossible to sleep. On top of that you are battling with the cold!


When you do finally manage to drift off to sleep you are constantly tossing and turning meaning that you aren’t actually getting the sleep required in order to be able to feel satisfied.

This really highlighted for us what those that are homeless have to endure and on a much tougher scale. This helped us all stick it out despite some of us wanting to leave at points, because we knew that these people don’t have that choice.

It was a real eye opener being able to experience the sleepout and we are so very grateful to all of the organisers and everyone who supported us and donated. We were aiming as a team to raise £1000 and to date we have raised £1193 so a huge thank you to all of you. We sincerely hope that this money can contribute to making a difference in Preston where homelessness is a major issue.

The Sleep Out had a target of £50,000 to raise for The Foxton Centre’s Housing First scheme and has already exceeded this in online donations. 

You can have a look at our photos from the event here:



A year ago today, I started working at Cotton Court as a Receptionist/ business admin apprentice.

In the past year I have learnt new skills to do with administration, customer service and business operations. I am hoping to learn more about the financial side of things, like invoices and billing.

At the moment, the main jobs I do day to day include receptionist duties like call answering, mail handling, and greeting customers, sorting out the office and studio admin and also checking the conference rooms when they are in use.

I like being part of the Cotton Court team because it is a great place to work as it always has a nice atmosphere, whoever is in the building. I especially like doing the administration in the office and answering the phones as well, whether it’s for Cotton Court, or for other businesses.

Currently, I am completing my Level 2 apprenticeship course, and I am also considering moving onto Level 3 in October.

I love working in business, so in the future I am hoping to pursue working in a business environment, like being a personal assistant for someone.

office environment is more important than you think

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When workers talk about their ideal job, they’re usually concerned with two main concepts: the pay and the people. But there’s a third that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, and it’s one that can have a profound effect on your business and its workforce: the place. No one wants to spend forty hours a week in a windowless dungeon, shuffling across a grey carpet from one grey cubicle to the next. And if businesses don’t start to realise the value that their workers put on their environment, they may struggle to attract and retain the best staff.

virtual office1

Recent research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found that nearly half of the UK’s workers want upgrades to the properties they work in – and that a team’s surroundings can have a huge impact on how they feel about their job.

“With numerous industries currently fighting a war for talent, capable staff and skilled new joiners are like gold-dust for many companies,” says Paul Bagust, UK Commercial Property Director for RICS. “On that basis, businesses should be doing everything possible to recruit and retain the best people.”

“It’s disappointing, therefore, that many employers seem to be under-estimating – or perhaps not realising – the power of property in motivating, attracting and keeping staff. A well-constructed, designed and utilised office or workplace can pay huge dividends for the business that inhabits it.”

We took a look at a few of the highlights from the study: how your office can affect your workforce, and what the UK’s employees really want from a modern workplace.

The right workplace can boost recruitment

According the RICS’s survey of 1,000 UK employees, nearly nine in ten (89%) Brits who work indoors believe that the property is a major deciding factor in whether or not they’ll accept a new job. Behind pay and people, place was the third most important factor, beating “progression opportunities” (40%), “company culture” (36%) and other perks, such as gym memberships.

At a time when unemployment is low, self-employment is high, and a continuing skills gap means that many businesses are still struggling to get the staff they need, companies of all sizes should be taking every opportunity to present themselves as attractive employers. That means offering competitive pay, demonstrating a rewarding culture, and having the right space for their workforce to thrive and be happy.

A positive environment creates a positive team

Let’s face it: life in the office isn’t always an action-packed adventure. And while spreadsheets and invoices definitely have their charms, working in comfortable, stimulating surroundings can make even the most dreary or stressful work a little bit more bearable.

It’s certainly something that UK employees are aware of. RICS’s research found that an overwhelming 88% of workers said that high-quality offices and workplace facilities have an impact on their overall job satisfaction.

But it’s not just a case of seeking the elusive concept of an ‘engaged workforce’. The quality and design of your office space can also have an effect on your team’s health and well-being. According to Lindsey Dugdill, a professor of public health at the University of Salford, even inexpensive features – such as the colour of the walls or the presence of plants – can make a difference.

“Certain colours, like green and blue, are seen to be less stressful,” she says, “so even quite simple things, such as the colour an employer paints a wall, can have quite a pronounced effect on the way staff feel”.

And a positive team becomes a loyal workforce

According to recent research by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), more than a third of UK workers are hoping to leave their current job in 2015 – a figure that’s doubled since 2014, and tripled since 2013. While it’s encouraging to see what the ILM calls “the return of ambition to the UK workforce”, it also means that employers need to work harder than ever if they want to keep their most valuable employees from looking elsewhere.

But according to the RICS’s survey, it’s not just better pay or promising career opportunities that are making UK workers jump ship. Four fifths of the survey’s respondents said their workplace had an effect on whether or not they intend to stay in their job, which means that businesses need to think carefully about their premises if they want to give their workforce what they want.

So just what do the UK’s workers want?

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating the most productive, engaging and comfortable workplace possible. But from the RICS’s pool of 1,000 employees, we should at least be able to get a representative clue. Here are the top 10 most desirable workplace traits:

01. Lots of natural light (63%)
02. Good heating/ventilation (62%)
03. Regular cleaning (52%)
04. Good kitchen facilities (44%)
05. Good security (38%)
06. A café/bar/restaurant on site (31%)
07. A space to work away from the desk (26%)
08. A gym on site (15%)
09. A good colour scheme (13%)
10. High ceilings (13%)

Attracting and retaining the best talent for your business isn’t an overnight fix – but finding the ideal premises might be. Find out how a smart, flexible, fully-equipped workspace could give your business the boost it needs.

To find out more about what we have to offer please call: 01772 507 767 and speak to one of the team alternatively you can email